G3 Commits to a Fully Hybrid Fleet in 2019

G3 Commits to a Fully Hybrid Fleet in 2019

G3 Remarketing have appointed Russell Gill to the role of Buyer Services Manager.  Gill will head up a newly developed customer support team which focuses on buyer experience and engagement. G3 Remarketing, a vehicle auction specialist based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, has introduced a new business initiative to move its entire fleet over to Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) by the end of the year.

With significant additions to the team and vehicle lease renewals in 2018, the company moved from zero to an impressive 75% ULEV hybrid fleet.  The target is to now switch the remaining fleet vehicles before the end of the year.

The company believes that with the multiple business benefits and increased focus in the used car market it operates in, that they will lead from the front in their industry by making the commitment in 2019. Reducing CO2 emissions by 38% will have substantial environmental benefits with many of their fleet on the road every day of the week visiting clients.

G3 predict there will be a 5% decrease in their total MPG in the move from entirely diesel and petrol vehicles to ULEVs.   To counteract the decline in MPG the business has invested in specialist driver training for their employees to help them understand the most efficient way to drive their new vehicles alongside establishing a charging-point network for drivers to access across the UK.

G3 are in the process of installing six onsite rapid-charge points to facilitate the expansion at their Leeds headquarters.  These will service the new fleet, whilst also supporting the ever-increasing number of hybrid and electric vehicles being offered in their auctions by their vendors, as the UK moves towards imminent diesel tax increases and government plans to ban the sale of diesel and petrol cars by 2040, if not before.

G3’s Joint Managing Director Matt Dale commented; “We believe that 2019 will see a further shift in perspective in the used vehicle market in terms of acceptance of hybrid vehicles, especially in the fleet and leasing sector. By creating this initiate now, we believe we can not only encourage but also support our buyers and vendors to make the move over to hybrid vehicles sooner rather than later”.